Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

My apologies to the three regular readers of this blog for the delay of my much anticipated review of 1993 Topps, but I have spent the past week making the jump to Facebook in hopes of possibly doubling, or dare I say, tripling, readership here at DTCAS.

I think a slow down was to be expected with regards to my trying to blog about fourteen something different sets a night. I'm about to begin chronicling a ten year period in card collecting history which saw upwards of twenty to thirty different releases a year, and quite frankly my liver just can't keep up with those kinds of numbers anymore.

However, now that I am Facebooking, I would like to add a little more literary, musical, and movie related content to the site as well. Given that a large percentage of my Facebook "friends" are "creative types" I hope to drive up readership to such lofty heights as ten or more people. Also, I just plain enjoy discussing that type of stuff.

For the three readers who have stuck around from the beginning, don't worry. It'll still be primarily about the Documentation of the Cardboard Preservation of the Legends of the OED. But a little musing here and there about the collective works of John Hughes; unreleased and rear bootlegs of The Outfield; wondering why Richard Russo keeps writing the same novel; or the age old question of who was faster, Superman or The Flash; will hopefully provide a much needed increase in participation here at DTCAS.

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Lindemann said...

Don't give in to Facebook! Follow your muse!