Thursday, December 4, 2008

1993 Donruss

I like this set although it kinda reminds me of '92 Fleer Ultra. I think it's the embossed look of the little diamond and bar on the front, I dunno. I do know however that this was Donruss best effort since '84. 

I love the pic of Shawn Hare with the bat back on his shoulder as the ball is about to whiz by him. I like what they did with the checklists too. A Fryman-Livingstone high five should be preserved for all of eternity. 

The 1993 Donruss Detroit Tigers:
13 Mickey Tettleton
41 Rico Brogna
71 Mark Carreon
77 Rich Rowland
99 Kevin Ritz
127 Travis Fryman
145 Kurt Knudsen
173 Milt Cuyler
203 John Kiely
231 Rob Deer
259 Mike Henneman
277 John Doherty
305 Shawn Hare
335 Dave Haas
391 Phil Clark
409 Scott Livingstone
437 Skeeter Barnes
467 Dan Gladden
495 Mark Leiter
523 Bill Gullickson
541 Cecil Fielder
569 Buddy Groom
599 Frank Tanana
605 Greg Gohr
627 Mike Munoz
655 Alan Trammell
673 Chad Kreuter
686 Lou Whitaker
701 Tony Phillips
772 Walt Terrell

There is also a card of Scott Aldred pictured as a Tiger but listed as a Rockie, #733.

They ran out the same looking Diamond Kings in '93 as they did in '92.

DK-15 Cecil Fielder

There were a few inserts, all of which featured Cecil Fielder.
Elite 34 Cecil Fielder
MVP 17 Cecil Fielder
Spirit of the Game 10 Cecil Fielder, Rob Deer, and Mickey Tettleton

I don't have a lot here. I really don't, and I've had two weeks to think about it. Beer is not even getting the juices flowing.

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