Saturday, November 22, 2008

1993 Fleer Flair

These are great looking cards (despite the goil foil, but I won't go into it again...) but I never look at these without thinking of those cheesy high school senior yearbook pictures that debuted in the 80's with the ghosted head shot looking in a different direction than the other picture. I guess it could be worse, Fleer could have issued a set with everybody wearing painters caps, skinny wool ties, or having big oversized combs sticking out of their back pockets. 

The 1993 Fleer Flair Detroit Tigers:
200 John Doherty
201 Cecil Fielder
202 Travis Fryman
203 Kirk Gibson
204 Mike Henneman
205 Chad Kreuter
206 Scott Livingstone
207 Tony Phillips
208 Mickey Tettleton
209 Alan Trammell
210 David Wells
211 Lou Whitaker

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deal said...

One of my favorite sets. I like the two and three pictures and the cards are pretty sturdy.