Thursday, November 6, 2008

1993 Bowman

On the flip side, I have come to love blogging about Bowman cards, simply to look back at the Tigers I have absolutely no recollection of......

1993 Bowman Detroit Tigers:
11 Lou Whitaker
39 Chris Gomez
67 Travis Fryman
95 Danny Bautista
151 Kenny Carlisle
179 Mike Moore
207 Ben Blomdahl
235 Scott Livingstone
263 Rick Greene
291 Brian Edmondson
319 Ivan Cruz
332 Rob Deer
391 Alan Trammell
419 Tony Phillips
447 Justin Mashore
475 Cecil Fielder
503 Jason Pfaff
531 Sean Bergman
559 Mike Henneman
587 Justin Thompson
615 Mickey Tettleton
643 Felipe Lira
671 Greg Gohr

Add Carlisle, Blomdahl, Edmondson, Mashore, and Pfaff to the list. I swear I think Bowman made some of these guys up. Hell, I don't remember Greene or Cruz except for seeing them on other cards. Boy did we suck back then.....

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Jon said...

This set also should contain #366 Justin Thompson...for no apparent reason, Bowman coated some cards around this area of the set with a foil background..otherwise, no differences at all.
For your memories, only Blomdahl of that group actually appeared in a Tigers uniform...14 games in 1995, an impressive 7.77 ERA, and no other major league action. Edmondson briefly saw the show with the Braves & Marlins, while Carlyle, Mashore, and Pfaff never got call-ups.