Thursday, November 6, 2008

1993 Topps

Well between facebook and the election I have been severely slacking around here getting some stuff up. Hopefully I can get on a roll and get this finished by the end of the year so I can move on to newer stuff as well as the unveiling of my own personally designed set of baseball cards. With that being said, let's get going.

If I've said it once, I've said it at least more than once, but never on cyberspace though, and here it is: 1993 Topps was the last great base set they ever made. As far as I'm concerned, they've never even come close, and I don't even have any sentimental attachment to this set. (Other than that bitching card of Buddy Groom in the cool throwback. Check out the rotting Cleveland Municpal Stadium in the background.....) 

It's just a nice looking set. It's uncluttered, easy to read (gold foil will change all that in the years to come) and has some really nice subsets too. In fact, I wish Topps did more things like having multiple managers/all-stars/prospects on a single card. 

The Coming Attractions, Manager, and All-Star cards are nice in an innovative yet not too flashy sort of way. Since I mostly only collect Tigers, it's also a cool way to get some other guys that I normally wouldn't pay attention to, like Art Howe and Barry Larkin. The only thing bad about the Phil Clark Coming Attractions card is that Phil Clark is on it. Otherwise it's a nifty looking card. I know I've bashed the silly Score subsets in the past, and deservedly so, but these never gave off that chintzy vibe to me that Score did. 

The 1993 Topps Detroit Tigers:
26 Skeeter Barnes
53 Frank Tanana
80 Cecil Fielder
107 John Kiely
135 Mickey Tettleton
160 Lou Whitaker
189 Tony Phillips
216 Mark Leiter
233 Rick Greene
243 Rob Deer
272 Kurt Knudsen
298 Scott Livingstone
325 Bill Gullickson
353 Buddy Groom
379 Mike Munoz
392 Travis Fryman
423 Ivan Cruz
429 Milt Cuyler
491 Shawn Hare
506 Sparky Anderson
536 Dave Haas
567 Mark Carreon
598 Rico Brogna
626 Danny Gladden
660 Alan Trammell
692 Chad Kreuter
713 John Doherty
756 Mike Henneman
802 Phil Clark

The Traded set was short but sweet.
8T Kirk Gibson
50T David Wells

Topps continued with those crappy goil foil parallels that are just about impossible to read. Had I known they would eventually ALWAYS use the gold foil, I might not have disliked these so much.

In an obvious attempt to capitalize on the popularity of Soul Asylum, Topps debuted the Black Gold insert set. These could have left without a trace and nobody would have cared. They were definitely not the runaway train that Topps had hoped for......

30 Cecil Fielder
41 Mickey Tettleton

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Jon said...

If you're including the Fryman/Larkin card in the team set, it's #404. Also, 1993 Topps has a prospects subset with four players per card...the Tigers are represented on card #423 with Ivan Cruz (he of Bowman fame)..also on the card is Ryan Klesko (minus his Superfly sideburns from a season or two ago).
Also one other insert set here..
1993 Topps Commanders of the Hill
30-card set highlighting the top pitchers from each team..the cards have a somewhat small action shot of the player surrounded by a thick, obnoxious camouflage border.
7. Bill Gullickson