Friday, January 30, 2009

It's The End Of January 2009 As We Know It....

.....and I feel fine. I'm also closing in on almost five months since I bought a pack of baseball cards. The boycott is going well, and the only reason that I'm mentioning it today is that I found myself in Target this afternoon with four packs of Upper Deck products in my hand. I had a pack of X, Documentary, Timeline, and SP. I was this close to buying them.

But then I remembered that I already have the Tigers' X set, so I put that pack back. Then I remembered that I usually don't care for SP, so I put that pack back. By that point I remembered that I was boycotting buying packs, so I threw the other two packs back too. 

All was not lost though, as I left Target with the dvd for U2's Under A Blood Red Sky, which will be coming out of the wrapper and going into the computer sometime this evening. 

However, I was curious about the Documentary and Timeline issues, so I googled them to see what I was missing. As it turned out, I wasn't missing much. Two more extremely bloated card sets. But in reading one blogger's review, I came across a comment that shocked me.

You mean to tell me, there are people who film themselves opening packs of cards, just so they can post a video to youtube when they pull a really expensive card? Are you fucking kidding me? Again, are you fucking kidding me??? I'm sorry to go all potty mouth in what I try to make a kid friendly blog, but that is the most fucking ridiculous thing I have ever heard of. 

Is that really where this hobby has gone? Is that what's driving away collectors who truly enjoy set building, but can't because each pack of 6 cards has to have two lame inserts so that some dipshit named Dougie can show all of cyberspace when he pulls a 1 of 1 insert card of Jed Lowrie?


I feel a whole lot better for putting those packs down and walking away. It's only fitting that the first song on the dvd as I cue it up is Out Of Control.

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The sewingmachineguy said...

"and I feel fine". I just stumbled upon this blog. I have been reading baseball card blogs for the past year or so (my return to the hobby). I always wondered why no one ever had a Tigers tribute blog. Awesome stuff. Jim Lentine, classic. I will be a regular now. Peace.