Friday, January 30, 2009

1994 Bowman's Best

I figure I'll knock out one tonight and this is as good as any. This is basically Bowman's version of Topps Finest, ripping off all the elements of the early Fleer Ultra cards. They had that lame ass numbering system where instead of numbering them 1-180, they numbered them B1-B90 and R1-R90. (B equalling Blue, for rookies, and R equalling Red, for veterans) Then there were some numbered X, but since I've never seen one, I'd just be talking out my ass to go any further.

At one time this was THE Tony Clark RC to own, but that time has long since passed. These are just flat out crappy.

The 1994 Bowman's Best Detroit Tigers:
B6 Justin Thompson
B16 Danny Bautista
B62 Tony Clark
R32 Cecil Fielder
R61 Travis Fryman
X108 Travis Fryman

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