Sunday, January 25, 2009

1994 Bowman

Ok, another year of Bowman, another list of Tigers I have no recollection of! Phil Stedham, Joe Perona, David Mysel, and Keith Kimsey, come on down! Grab a seat next to Brian Edmondson, last year's defending champion who is making a return this year!

Oh well, you knew what you were getting into when you were collecting Bowman cards. Despite my dislike of foil stamping and my sort of dislike for cards without borders, this is a nice looking set. It had the rookie card of one of the all-time Tigers good guys, Tony Clark. 

But it also had the first pics of the Tigers after they added those god awful thick stripes to their road uniforms that made them look like race car drivers. The orange bill road caps were horrendous too. To this day I like the script "Detroit" on the jerseys, but the rest of that uniform was a mess.

The 1994 Bowman Detroit Tigers:
13 Chad Kreuter
28 Matt Brunson
41 Sean Bergman
69 Cecil Fielder
97 Danny Bautista
125 Mickey Tettleton
181 Mike Henneman
204 Phil Stidham
209 Tony Clark
237 Lou Whitaker
265 Brian Edmondson
293 Eric Davis
321 Chris Gomez
372 Justin Thompson FOIL
397 Tony Phillips
425 Rick Greene
453 Joe Perona
481 Jose Lima
509 Alan Trammell
537 David Mysel
561 Keith Kimsey
565 Mike Moore
621 Travis Fryman
649 Justin Thompson
677 Tim Belcher

The JT FOIL card was the only insert (don't get me started on short printing base set cards...). Like Finest, there was a "pre-production" set that was issued in Stadium Club packs. These looked similar to the regular issue, but with the cooler rainbow foil instead of the gold.

8 Tony Clark

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