Saturday, January 10, 2009

1993 Score

Now that the holiday season is over and most of the resolutions have been broken (I'm not buying any packs or boxes of 2009 cards, but that's for another entry...) it's time to get back to blogging about Detroit Tigers baseball cards!!!

Which makes it such a shame that 1993 Score is where I left off. They went from the one end of the spectrum to the other with this design. I prefer the cleaner more visually appealing look of this more than any other Score set, but then they went and screwed it up by squishing the letters on the players' names to where they are almost illegible. I have to hold one of these right in front of my face to read the player name. Maybe they were just getting us ready for Topps use of goil foil.

The 1993 Score Detroit Tigers:
11 Travis Fryman
31 Cecil Fielder
60 Mickey Tettleton
82 Milt Cuyler
114 Rico Brogna
166 Mike Henneman
196 Scott Livingstone
207 Dan Gladden
215 David Haas
228 Mike Munoz
264 Kurt Knudsen
283 Rich Rowland
313 Alan Trammell
353 John Doherty
366 Mark Carreon
442 Gary Pettis
596 Lou Whitaker
614 Tony Phillips
636 Rob Deer
643 Bill Gullickson
652 Frank Tanana

Score really scaled down the operation in 1993, only releasing a few insert sets.

Boys Of Summer
17 Rico Brogna
30 Rich Rowland

6 Cecil Fielder

They didn't even bother with an update set, so neither will I!

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