Friday, January 16, 2009

1993 Score Select

This is another one of those stupid Score sets that was absolute crap and everybody knew it when it came out. For starters, just what in the hell was "Select" about it? There were 405 base cards, 162 insert cards, and 150 Traded cards. By my rough count that's over 700 cards. Not very "Select" in my book. That ratio of base cards to insert cards is something Topps would be very proud of. 

The 1993 Score Select Detroit Tigers:
20 Cecil Fielder
44 Travis Fryman
60 Mickey Tettleton
85 Bill Gullickson
112 Lou Whitaker
138 Mike Henneman
166 Milt Cuyler
186 Rob Deer
218 Tony Phillips
230 Alan Trammell
244 Dan Gladden
298 John Doherty
306 Kurt Knudsen
320 Scott Livingstone
335 Phil Clark
398 Frank Tanana

There was an update set, and it's a shame I don't have any of these because these were three of my favorite Tigers from that era of crappiness.

1993 Score Select Rookie & Traded: 
80T Chris Gomez
92T Eric Davis
113T David Wells

Now for the insert cards. I think the card pictured above speaks volumes about the overabundance of insert cards. Tony Phillips. This may be the card where the ship sailed on insert cards being "special." 

1993 Select Chase Stars
13 Cecil Fielder

1993 Select Stat Leaders
27 Cecil Fielder
31 Cecil Fielder
37 Tony Phillips

I guess it could have been worse. They could have put Cecil Fielder on another insert card instead of TP.

You know the worst part about this set. They don't really look all that bad. This could have been one of Score's nicer sets. 

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