Saturday, January 24, 2009

1994 Stadium Club

It was 11 degrees here today. This morning I got up and balanced my check book while downloading cds to my computer. I went out and ate chinese food for lunch. I then went to Borders and picked up a couple of books out of the clearance bin. One by Al Franken, the other a Not For Tourists guide to Chicago. I spent less than $6 total. Then I headed over to FYE, where I contemplated picking up a used 2-cd set of the remastered version of The Joshua Tree, but I decided to pass. From there on to a check cashing place where I cashed my $95 expense reimbursement from last month. Now I'm sitting in my apartment watching the second half of the Memphis Tigers' game against those bozos wearing orange.

That's how little I care about Stadium Club. In fact, from now on this is the new format I'm going to use for Stadium Club. 

The 1994 Stadium Club Detroit Tigers:
25 Cecil Fielder
50 Skeeter Barnes
73 Chris Gomez
99 Mike Moore
155 Danny Bautista
184 John Doherty
192 Mickey Tettleton
209 Eric Davis
309 Travis Fryman
331 Alan Trammell
351 Scott Livingstone
370 Bill Gullickson
401 Mike Henneman
411 Chad Kreuter
443 Lou Whitaker
458 Joe Boever
474 Mike Gardiner
535 Quick Start Cecil Fielder
553 Tony Phillips
582 Tim Belcher
617 David Wells
660 Junior Felix
679 Juan Samuel

There were a couple of insert sets.

Super Teams:
20 Detroit Tigers

Draft Picks:
13 Cade Gaspar
25 Mike Darr
63 Dave Kauflin

As soon as this game is over I'm probably going to make a beer run. 

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