Saturday, January 24, 2009

1994 Topps

I like the '94 Topps set if for no other reason than it was the last one where gold foil stamping was not used as part of the base set design.  This was also the first year of the high glossy coating. You can tell this was likely the first year that The Topps Company started using a Mac for design and layout by the multiple vignette gradiations used in the home plate shaped border and the bottom crawl line. The "cursive" writing is a nice touch, ever though it is almost identical to '93 Upper Deck.

Topps also came up with a lot of clever designs for the subsets. The Future Star card with the computer chip background, the Draft Pick card with the scout's clipboard, and the Coming Attractions card with the movie screen motif were all well done and were far and away better than anything they had done with subsets in years past. The only drawback to these cards are the pathetic Tigers who graced them.

I don't think Fuduric ever sniffed the big leagues. JT was an injury bust whose biggest career highlight was striking out Ray Lankford in the 1997 All-Star game before being a part of the Juan Gonzalez trade. Bergman pretty much stunk it up everywhere he went, but Bautista had a nice little career as a 4th OF (batting .583 in the 2001 World Series for the D'Backs). Oh well, this would not be the first time that the future of the Tigers turned out to be lousy.....

The 1994 Topps Detroit Tigers:
19 Scott Livingstone
48 Tony Phillips
75 Alan Trammell
105 David Wells
133 Mark Leiter
162 Bob MacDonald
190 Cecil Fielder
228 Kirk Gibson
257 Chad Kreuter
285 Travis Fryman
313 Future Star: Justin Thompson
342 Danny Gladden
371 John Doherty
410 Lou Whitaker
438 Mike Henneman
448 1b Prospects: Shawn Wooten
467 Joe Boever
488 Eric Davis
495 Mickey Tettleton
523 Mike Moore
552 Bill Krueger
561 Skeeter Barnes
588 Rich Rowland
626 Chris Gomez
654 Bill Gullickson
682 Storm Davis
711 Greg Gohr
757 Draft Pick: Tony Fuduric
768 Coming Attractions: Danny Bautista and Sean Bergman

Topps made no changes to their approach to inserts in '94. The gold foil parallels and Black Gold inserts were the only ones issued. (Although they may have issued some in factory sets that year, but I don't know because I don't have any...)

Topps Black Gold
5 Cecil Fielder
6 Travis Fryman

The Traded set was short and sweet, which is surprising because Fleer's Update set had 8 players, with no Ingram card. 

30T Riccardo Ingram
32T Tim Belcher
89T Junior Felix

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