Sunday, January 25, 2009

1994 Topps Finest

Year two of Topps Finest was a lot like year two of Stadium Club. Everybody who missed the boat the debut year before went out and bought these en masse, and Topps kept right on making more. (FTR, I still have never even seen a '93 TF card, hence why I missed blogging about them. What did they make, like a hundred of each card?)

The metallic finish gives it a cool look, but I question a set called "Finest" that includes Mike Moore, John Doherty, and Tim Belcher.

The 1994 Topps Finest Detroit Tigers:
34 Mike Henneman
80 Eric Davis
83 Mike Moore
108 David Wells
159 Alan Trammell
178 Tony Phillips
219 Cecil Fielder
228 Travis Fryman
277 John Doherty
281 Mickey Tettleton
301 Tim Belcher
364 Lou Whitaker
388 Chad Kreuter
398 Bill Gullickson
435 Danny Bautista

The only insert in the actual Finest packs were the parallel refractor cards. There were "pre-production" inserts in Series 2 of regular Topps which looked just like the base cards, of which there was one Tiger.

159P Alan Trammell

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