Saturday, May 2, 2009

1995 Topps

Oh, where should I begin? This is not a bad looking set. But it's ruined for me by the horrible font used for the player name, coupled with the name being in an unreadable gold foil. I still have to tilt these cards back and forth like a Sportflics card and hope to catch the light at the right angle to read these names. 

One thing I'd like to say, I'm a sucker for the multi-player rookie/prospects cards, and this one looks great, as long as I don't consider who is on it. I wish Topps, or Upper Deck for that matter, would do more of these, but with the bizarre rookie card rule that I still haven't figured out (mainly how Bowman gets away with printing cards of minor leaguers, but yet no one else can...) it looks like these have gone the way of packs actually being made out of wax. It's a shame, and I wish somebody would explain that rule to me. 

The 1995 Topps Detroit Tigers:
15 Lou Whitaker
40 Travis Fryman
68 Junior Felix
97 Mike Gardiner
125 John Doherty
153 Tony Clark
182 Milt Cuyler
209 Tim Belcher
220 Cecil Fielder
249 Bill Gullickson
277 Chris Gomez
307 Mike Henneman
334 John Flaherty
362 Chad Kreuter
434 David Wells
457 Joe Boever
474 Alan Trammell
492 Cade Gaspar
519 Kirk Gibson
541 Tony Phillips
557 Danny Bautista
576 Mike Moore
612 Mickey Tettleton
636 Sean Bergman/Shannon Penn On Deck

These even had a pretty cool quasi-parallel set. An all foil design (I know I've bitched about it, but these are ok) called Cyberstats. They look just like the base cards, but the backs have the '94 stats extrapolated as to what they would've done had the '94 season not been cancelled. I thought there were only a handful of these, since I only have a handful of these, but my research has found that there were a lot of these. My research also shows that Big Daddy was on pace for 133 RBI, which would have tied his career high. Mike Moore was on pace to suck even more than he did. Go figure.....

13 Lou Whitaker
32 Travis Fryman
123 Tim Belcher
124 Cecil Fielder
135 Junior Felix
136 Bill Gullickson
150 Chris Gomez
165 Mike Henneman
231 David Wells
242 Danny Bautista
252 Joe Boever
267 Alan Trammell
306 Kirk Gibson
322 Tony Phillips
350 Mike Moore
380 Mickey Tettleton

The Traded Set was issued in packs for the first time since '75. I remember buying a ton of these packs and still not getting the Nomo or Chipper cards. I do have all the Tigers though so I guess I should be happy.

16T Brian Maxcy
21T Chad Curtis
31T Todd Steverson
35T Bob Higginson
68T Felipe Lira
88T Pat Ahearne
107T Rob Gable (ok, I lied. I don't have this one. Who the hell was Rob Gable?)

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