Wednesday, May 6, 2009

1995 Fleer Ultra

Quite possibly the least amount of effort ever put into a card design. 

You know what that means around here. Unfortunately I didn't listen to five songs today. Not much effort on my part either.

The 1995 Fleer Ultra Detroit Tigers:
44 Danny Bautista
45 Junior Felix
46 Cecil Fielder
47 Chris Gomez
48 Chad Kreuter
49 Mike Moore
50 Tony Phillips
51 Alan Trammell
52 David Wells
284 John Doherty
285 Travis Fryman
286 Kirk Gibson
287 Lou Whitaker

I only have one insert and it's a doozy. Nothing says cutting edge like a close up of a cleat or a batting glove. The background of this card reminds me of those little puzzles you could get at Stuckey's when I was a kid. You know, the one with 15 squares and one empty hole and you had to slide them around to end up making a picture of a map of the U.S. or some sort of wild animal? Yeah, those....

2 Chris Gomez

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