Sunday, May 10, 2009

1995 Fleer Emotion

One of the unsung joys I have received from blogging about Tigers cards is getting to see cards and sets that I completely forgot existed. For me, collecting from the mid-90's to the mid-00's usually meant going to a card store or two (when they were still around...) and sorting through common bins for an hour or two. I'd get home; crack open a beer; sort them all into the appropriate year, make, and model; file them away in plastic pages; and promptly forget about them.

This is one of those sets. I don't remember anything about these. Being a mid-90's set of course the front is all cluttered up with unreadable foil stamping, but the ghosted orange background really adds a nice original look to the set. I admit that the big lettered "emotion" printed makes checking them all out pretty good for a laugh. I've listed each "emotion" with the corresponding card. Enjoy. 

The 1995 Fleer Emotion Detroit Tigers:
41 Chad Curtis - MOVING
42 Cecil Fielder - MIGHTY
43 Travis Fryman - COMPOSED
44 Kirk Gibson - DELIGHTED
45 Bob Higginson - LEARNING
46 Alan Trammell - STEADY
47 Lou Whitaker - SAFE

See? Though ARE funny! And funny is an emotion! Get it?

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