Monday, May 4, 2009

1995 Bowman's Best

I have a hard time believing that anybody's "Best" set of cards could contain a card of Pat Ahearne. I actually have two of these, and if a certain high school baseball coach shows up for the Tigers series in Pittsburgh next month, the other one is his.

The 1995 Bowman's Best Detroit Tigers:
B20 Tony Clark
B30 Pat Ahearne
B49 Juan Encarnacion
R28 Cecil Fielder
R64 Chad Curtis
R70 Travis Fryman


Pat Ahearne said...

Hey robbyt,
I couldn't agree more. How did that guy slip into a set of "best" baseball cards. Probably pretty embarrassing for him that his first big league baseball card says he's a "soft thrower" too. How did you manage to find two of them?? The only person I know who has more than that is his mother - she'll take them off your hands if you like.

Is Bowman still even in business? It's my hope that Ahearne's inclusion in the 1995 set contributed to their demise.

Well, all the best on your upcoming Oscar and Grammy bid.

Yours in baseball,
Pat Ahearne

Anonymous said...

You tell him, Pat!
Pat rocks, robbyt knocks.
Nobody's home robbyt...