Sunday, May 10, 2009

1995 Leaf

This is a sweet looking set. The rainbow foil comes off the card really well. This might well be the best looking Leaf set to date. I can't say anything good about the foil stamped player name at the bottom, so I won't.

The 1995 Leaf Detroit Tigers:
9 John Doherty
35 Chris Gomez
63 Cecil Fielder
78 Kirk Gibson
113 Jose Lima
139 Greg Gohr
178 Lou Whitaker
207 Travis Fryman
224 Alan Trammell
248 Danny Bautista
254 Sean Bergman
278 Mike Moore
297 Chad Curtis

I only have one insert and it's fabulous. The best part is that the scan is about a million times better looking than the actual card. In real life, the border is a silverish looking color. But the scanned version actually makes it look like a 3D rainbow orange tiger skinish sort of thing, which totally rocks! Seriously, the card I'm holding in my hand looks nothing like the one pictured.

2 Fryman/Fielder

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