Sunday, May 10, 2009

1995 Donruss

I would be tempted to rank this as one of the best looking sets Donruss ever made. It could be right up there with '83, '84, and '93. It's got the great looking picture-in-picture similar to '83 Topps, except with an outstanding home plate frame bordered in team colors. But I can't do it, and regular readers will know exactly why. 

The silver foil absolutely ruins these cards. Making it even worse, the debossing of the team and player names makes them virtually unreadable. It's not hard to imagine how much better these cards would look if the ribbon was dark blue, with the team and player names reversed out in orange. Or vice versa. Instead it's all to easy to see how they add nothing to a fantastic design. What a shame.

The 1995 Donruss Detroit Tigers:
45 Lou Whitaker
82 Travis Fryman
109 Cecil Fielder
137 Jose Lima
154 Mike Moore
172 Chris Gomez
219 Chad Kreuter
249 Danny Bautista
257 Kirk Gibson
274 Milt Cuyler
309 Junior Felix
312 John Doherty
339 Tim Belcher
362 Joe Boever
407 Tony Phillips
434 Bill Gullickson
465 David Wells
502 Alan Trammell
506 Juan Samuel
537 Mickey Tettleton

Donruss issued a parallel called Press Proof, that looked just like the regular cards, except they were gold foil instead of silver, and had the words PRESS PROOF written across the top of the card. They did not look any better. 

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