Monday, August 25, 2008

2008 Upper Deck Series 2

Nothing has changed my opinion about this lackluster offering from Upper Deck. It is responsible for the best Marcus Thames card ever, and that's about it. I picked all of these out of a commons bin at The National.

491 Kenny Rogers
492 Justin Verlander
493 Dontrelle Willis
494 Joel Zumaya
495 Ivan Rodriguez
496 Miguel Cabrera
497 Carlos Guillen
498 Edgar Renteria
499 Curtis Granderson
500 Jacque Jones (no, this is not a mistake, he is in both is Renteria....but no Galarraga.....argh......)
501 Marcus Thames
722 Clete Thomas
740 Ivan Rodriguez Season Highlight
777 Miguel Cabrera Team Checklist
785 Curtis Granderson Season Highlight
797 Magglio Ordonez Season Highlight

Well not all, as it looks like I am missing both Cabrera cards, the Pudge Highlight, and the Clete Thomas' RC.

Oh well....that is one sweet Thames card......

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