Wednesday, August 13, 2008

1987 Fleer Baseballs (sic) Best, Sluggers vs. Pitchers

So before I hammer Fleer again for lousy design and questionable player selection, let me at least give them a little credit for this issue. They don't look as bad as a lot of their other 44-card box sets. They came up with a pretty interesting concept for a set. But somewhere between conception and production they absolutely lost it.

Are Pat Tabler with his 28 career HR (over six seasons at the end of 1986) and Mike Witt 3.52 career ERA (not exactly world class in 1986) REALLY some of baseballs (sic) best?

Again there is only one Tiger. Apparently being named to a Sports Writers Award was not justification for inclusion into this set for Lance Parrish. But as long as there is at least one Tiger, I'm ok with it. 3.57 ERA and all.

27-Jack Morris

Again, there are only seven HOF out of forty-four cards. No cards of Nolan Ryan, Pete Rose, Reggie Jackson, Tom Seaver, Steve Carlton, Rod Carew, Jim Rice, Gary Carter, or Dave Winfield, but instead there are cards of Kevin Bass, Jesse Barfield, Sid Bream, Ivan Calderon, Tom Henke, Jeff Leoanrd, Joe Magrane, and Ken Phelps. 

On second thought, my pain is eased considerably. Jeff Leonard? If that is not the definition of cool then I don't know what is. 

Yeah boyeeeeeeeeeee.............

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