Sunday, August 17, 2008

1987 Fleer Baseball's Game Winners

Well at least it seems like someone at Fleer was informed of their previous lapses in content when it came time for this one. This time they just gave the set a vague title and included players with a lot of game winning RBI, wins, or saves. Guess it's kind of hard to screw that up.

I can't help but thinking though that the powder blue borders make this look like the box bottoms set from '88 Topps.

There are still only 5 HOF in the set, it's not visually appealing, and I swear I've seen that Ripken photo used prominently within the last year (Upper Deck Masterpieces?), but given that it's pretty late on Sunday evening, I'm willing to let this one slide. That this is one of their better box sets of 1987 speaks volumes about the year that was at Fleer.

Hey, there are two Tigers included:

17 Kirk Gibson
20 Willie Hernandez

Ok, insert your own lame ass Chris Berman-like song reference here.

Hopefully Morrison gets out of the on-deck circle before the stadium sinks completely into the water......

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