Monday, August 25, 2008

2008 Topps Series 2

I guess sometime during this disappointing season that my hatred for Topps has just dissipated into apathy. Since I am no longer buying packs of Topps cards, my frustration has eased somewhat. I picked up the following cards at The National for less than $10 total. I do actually think this is probably my second favorite Topps design of the last 10 years, ranking behind 2005, but that's not really saying a lot for the last 10 years of Topps cards.

No surprises in the base set:
403 Nate Robertson
412 Joel Zumaya
427 Carlos Guillen
466 Classic Combos Cabrera/Rodriguez
484 Todd Jones
503 Jeremy Bonderman
510 Justin Verlander
512 Placido Polanco
539 Clete Thomas
620 Gary Sheffield
634 Kenny Rogers
641 Marcus Thames

Topps continued along with the next two months of the Year In Review inserts.

YR73 Justin Verlander
YR108 Magglio Ordonez
YR115 Ryan Raburn

There is a new insert set called Topps Stars.

TS2 Magglio Ordonez
TS17 Miguel Cabrera

Topps reissued their Trading Cards History insert set from series 1, this time as chrome cards. 

TCHC26 Justin Verlander
TCHC29 Ivan Rodriguez
TCHC33 Gary Sheffield
TCHC38 Magglio Ordonez

I might be missing one or two of these, like Granderson, but since they aren't numbered the same as their series 1 counterparts, I don't really know.

Topps also continued along with the 50th Anniversary All-Star Rookie Team inserts.

AR95 Ramon Santiago

That Ramon Santiago has an insert card says more than I could ever say about series 2, and really, Topps in general.

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