Sunday, August 17, 2008

1987 Fleer Baseball's Exciting Stars

It's a wonder Fleer didn't get sued for this gross false advertising of a product. Out of all of these sets I've seen so far, this is easily the the biggest collection of has beens and never will be's that Fleer boxed up in the 80's.

I would love to sit down one day with the whomever was in charge of player selection for this set. (Or any of the other ones for the matter.....) It looks like Fleer pimped the same 10 or so players out in each one of these sets, and then drew from a pool of the remaining players with the rule that once a player was in a set he was ineligible from inclusion in any other set.

I'm at a loss for the logic of leaving out so many obvious players from an "Exciting Stars" set from 1987. I would list the omissions, but I'm still trying to wrap my head around the inclusions.

Don Aase, Rick Aguilera, Sid Bream. Danny Cox, Gene Garber, Mark Gubicza, Mel Hall, Terry Harper, Rick Honeycutt, Charlie Kerfield, Dennis Rasmussen, and Kent Tekulve are the most glaring inclusions in this set. Don Aase? Terry Harper? KENT TEKULVE? IN 1987?

There are only 3 HOF in this set, and one of them is Steve Carlton pictured in a White Sox uniform and I don't recall Lefty being an exciting star while he was sporting those togs.

Again there is only one Tiger in the set. How they came up with including him is a mystery to me.

26-Willie Hernandez

What's up with that design, too? It looks like each card was printed on the sleeve of a Rangers uniform. There seems to be a trend in 1987 of a Red, White, and Blue motif on the fronts as well as the backs. Fleer must've gotten a good deal on a couple of cases of Red and Blue inks that summer.

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