Monday, August 4, 2008

1987 Topps Stickers

I don't know what happened between 1983 and 1987, but it's apparent that Topps had given up on its sticker set somewhere along the way. Chalk this up as another listless entry into the Topps pantheon of mediocre products.

Gone are the tributes to the Hall Of Famers. Gone are the cool die-cut All-Stars. Hell, gone are each guy getting his own sticker. 

I'll keep this brief because I really don't feel like spending a lot of time blogging about such a bland product. Also because there really isn't a lot to discuss.

Each team has two players that get full stickers. The rest of the guys are relegated to half-sticker status. 

The only foil stickers are of the All-Stars.

The Tigers in this set:
149-Lance Parrish All-Star
153-Lou Whitaker All-Star
264-??? full-sticker
265-Johnny Grubb half-sticker
266-Jack Morris half-sticker
267-Lou Whitaker half-sticker
268-Chet Lemon half-sticker
269-Lance Parrish half-sticker
270-Alan Trammell half-sticker
271-Darnell Coles half-sticker
272-Willie Hernandez half-sticker
273-Kirk Gibson full-sticker

Ok, so without having the sticker book, IT IS KILLING ME to know who the other Tiger full sticker is. Darrell Evans is the best I can come up with. But is he really full-sticker worthy over ANYBODY else on a half-sticker?

The coolest sticker in the entire set? If a sticker paints a thousand words.....

The worst sticker in the entire set? Cecilio Guante and Tim Hulett. There's not much else to say.....

Oh yeah, Barry Lamar Bonds made his debut in this set. Topps was obviously airbrushing to make him appear this small. Meanwhile, Neil Allen starts the trend of looking the other way.....

By this time Topps was up to its usual collation shenanigans again. There are 313 stickers in this set, but probably half of those are stickers with 2 players on 1 sticker. So there are maybe 200 or so stickers total. Out of a box of 500 stickers, I am still missing something like 11-13 stickers, including one of the single Tiger stickers. 

I have 6 stickers of Roger Clemens right leg, but no Tiger sticker of whoever it is that I cannot figure out. 

I hate Topps.

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