Monday, July 7, 2008

Independence Day

Wow, I didn't realize it had been something like three weeks since I last wrote about something that no one is interested in! So let's just consider this a stretching exercise and move on.

I spent a lovely 4th of July at The Cell watching the most nondescript game I think I ever attended. The game itself was a bore. All I can recall is a Jack Cust home run and somebody plowing into A. J. Pierlsfhaskasuy on a play at the plate. Luckily I was in the stands and didn't have to hear Hockeroo yell "He gone!!" when the A's runner was called out.

But all the rest of the festivities were as top shelf as you could expect on Independence Day in the South Side. 

To start off with the Sox gave away caps with the desert camo motif to the first 10,000 fans. You can see the kids in the stands in this picture wearing them. 

The Sox also wore a uniform variation of this as well. (But why the shit brown hats when the ones they gave away looked so much cooler?)

Oh yeah, if you go back and look at the picture of the kids in the stands, and you look up in the first row of the upper deck above the red sign right next to the foul pole, you barely see a little dot. That's me!

Getting back on the subject, a young hottie came out and sang the National Anthem. Midway through a couple of U. S. Navy jets came screeching overhead in one of those goose bumpy moments that was ultra cool. Afterwards, thousands of red, white, and blue balloons were released into the sky.  

Throughout the game there were many video messages from the White Sox players thanking our troops. There was also a parade of some of our troops around the field to thunderous applause. 

The game itself was bo-ring, but the fireworks show afterwards made up for it. I'm not all that big on fireworks per se, but I enjoyed it.

But what I really enjoyed most was the hot, drunk, young blonde a section over who in her haste to answer her cellphone knocked her purse off her shoulder, talking her dress strap with it and letting her amazingly gorgeous right breast fly out into the open. She drew the attention of all six of us still left in the upper deck at the end of the game and managed to give new meaning to the word FREEDOM!!!

Happy 4th of July indeed!!!

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