Friday, June 20, 2008

The Sixties

I'm in the middle of trying to catalog my entire Tigers card collection. I'm scanning my favorite (or only) card of each year and creating a nifty little checklist in InDesign. Today I decided to work on the Sixties, for a few reasons.

One, because they are without question the finest looking cards ever designed by Topps. Each year (ok, well maybe not 1962) are just absolutely beautiful and the designs are clean, colorful, and interesting. Topps would go into a slump for the next six years before snapping out of it in 1976 and finishing out the Seventies with great looking cards again.

Two, the Sixties were one of the best eras in Tigers baseball. I was only alive for the last 6 months of the decade, but the names on the cards say it all. Al Kaline, Willie Horton, Norm Cash, Jim Bunning, Harvey Kuenn, Earl Wilson, Mickey Stanley, Jim Northrup, Don Mossi, and Mickey Lolich. Yeah, that's right, I said Don Mossi, and if you've ever seen one of his cards you'll never forget those ears.

And three, I only have about 40 or so cards from the entire Sixties. I'm in the mood for blogging, scanning, and cataloging, but I don't want to do this all night....

So here we go.

1960 Topps
6 Lou Berberet
201 Larry Osborne
245 Eddie Yost
301 Jerry Davie
330 Harvey Kuenn

1961 Topps
13 Chuck Cottier
37 Charlie Maxwell
46 A.L. ERA Leaders - Jim Bunning
50 A.L. Strikeout Leaders - Jim Bunning/Frank Lary
83 Bob Bruce
171 Paul Foytack
284 Dick Gernert
324 Hank Aguirre
348 Steve Boros
514 Jake Wood

1962 Topps
59 A.L. Strikeout Leaders - Jim Bunning

1963 Topps
10 A.L. Strikeout Leaders - Jim Bunning
218 Tiger Twirlers
302 Whitey Herzog

1964 Topps
67- Detroit Tigers Team Card

1965 Topps
153 Norm Cash
587 Joe Sparma

1966 Topps
20 Willie Horton

1967 Topps
216 Bengal Belters
284 Johnny Podres
305 Earl Wilson
394 Jake Wood

1968 Topps
40 Denny McLain
129 Mickey Stanley
256 Norm Cash
375 Bill Freehan TSN All-Star

1969 Topps
80 Norm Cash
165 1968 World Series Game 4
167 1968 World Series Game 6
169 1968 World Series Celebrate
180 Willie Horton
410 Al Kaline
525 Earl Wilson
544 Tigers Rookie Stars Mike Kilkenny/Ron Woods
580 Jim Northrup

A terrific time in Tigers history indeed.

Coming soon, The Seventies.


Anonymous said...

Would you consider selling that '67 Jake Wood baseball card?

I'd pay a premium over market value, but nothing ridiculous.

robbyt said...

Thanks for the $$$ offer but I'll have to pass.

I'd be willing to listen to some type of trade offer though if you have duplicates of other 60's Tigers cards.