Monday, July 28, 2008

Upper Deck lays a turd too

Since my boycott of Topps, I find myself going into Target every other day just looking for something to buy. I've been saving my $$$ to buy Tigers cards off of ebay, but today I just felt like buying a couple of packs of something just to have something to open. 

Boy, was that a waste.

I picked up a a pack of Upper Deck Artifacts baseball and a pack of Upper Deck Football Heroes. I'll let the scans tell the story.

A fucking card commemorating when the first dictionary was published? Or a guitar player from an overrated noise making band? Are you shitting me? These are actual cards in a base set of baseball and football cards.

Fuck you too Upper Deck. We are done. $3 a pack for 4 cards, and I get crap like this? 

It's a sad sound to hear the hobby you've loved since you are old enough to remember come crashing to a screeching halt.....

Come August 1st, there's going to be a big announcement here at Detroit Tigers Cards and Stuff.

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