Saturday, February 21, 2009

1994 Leaf

The folks at Donruss/Leaf mailed it in with these. The marble background was played out by '94. There is not much more going on with these than there was the year before. You know the drill, if I'm not convinced they put much effort into something, neither will I...

The 1994 Leaf Detroit Tigers:
5 Chad Kreuter
39 David Wells
50 Cecil Fielder
80 Lou Whitaker
120 Alan Trammell
147 Bill Gullickson
160 Tony Phillips
183 Mike Henneman
197 Mike Moore
202 Scott Livingstone
232 Tim Belcher
256 Eric Davis
279 Mickey Tettleton
342 Kirk Gibson
371 John Doherty
405 Travis Fryman

There were also your typical handful of Cecil Fielder inserts, with a Danny Bautista thrown in for giggles.

Clean Up Crew
5 Cecil Fielder

Gold Rookies
7 Danny Bautista

MVP Contenders
A6 Cecil Fielder

Power Brokers
7 Cecil Fielder

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