Saturday, February 21, 2009

1994 Donruss

For reasons unknown to me, I have been stuck for over two weeks now trying to come up with something to say about these, but I am at a loss. This is a great looking set. There is nothing about the design that I have any major qualms with. I have nothing to work with here. About the only thing I noticed is that the team logo changes from the old circle logo in Series 1 to the current tiger jumping through the D logo in Series 2. 

In the spring of '94 one of my friends and I would take our morning break at work by walking across the street to Mapco to get a fountain drink and a pack of cards. I would get a pack of Fleer and he would get a pack of these. I'd give him any Cardinals I got, and he returned the favor with Tigers. 

That's pretty much all I've got. 

The 1994 Donruss Detroit Tigers:
27 Cecil Fielder
44 Mickey Tettleton
78 John Doherty 
108 Kirk Gibson
138 Dan Gladden
167 Greg Gohr
195 Bill Gullickson
224 Chad Kreuter
252 Bill Krueger
280 Alan Trammell
307 David Wells
360 Lou Whitaker
378 Travis Fryman
415 Bob MacDonald
442 Danny Bautista
445 Tony Phillips
475 Milt Cuyler
496 Mike Henneman
554 Mike Moore
597 Scott Livingstone
618 Eric Davis
628 Chris Gomez
637 Buddy Groom
645 Rich Rowland

There was a lousy parallel/insert set called Special Edition that looked like the regular cards, except every element other than the photo was covered up with some sort of foil stamping. Not surprisingly, I don't own one of these.

27 Cecil Fielder
44 Mickey Tettleton
80 Lou Whitaker
98 Travis Fryman

Other inserts included:

Diamond Kings
22 Cecil Fielder

1 Cecil Fielder

Long Ball Leaders
1 Cecil Fielder

20 Cecil Fielder

It's a shame there were so few Cecil Fielder insert cards in this set.....

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