Saturday, February 21, 2009

1994 Leaf Limited

If I was in the mood for bitching, this is one of those sets I would bitch about. Five Tigers cards in the whole set, foil printing ON TOP of more foil, and just a putrid design. These look like something I'd get from the Bellagio. These are awful. 

Did I mention that they FOIL PRINTED ON TOP OF FOIL? I had to blast the shit out of this scan to even show any sort of contrast. The dark area is all silver foil. The white area is some sort of silverish rainbow foil. The first time I scanned this card all you could see was Trammell, that's how much foil is on here.

The 1994 Leaf Limited Detroit Tigers:
31 Cecil Fielder
32 Travis Fryman
33 Mickey Tettleton
34 Alan Trammell
35 Lou Whitaker

There was also a Leaf Limited Rookies set, but I can't recall if they were insert cards, or their own set. I'm not really all that curious about it though. 

12R Danny Bautista
35R Chris Gomez

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Lindemann said...

For some reason the foil discussion made me laugh.