Saturday, May 10, 2008

Saturday afternoon at Miller Park

My 2008 worldwide baseball tour continued on this afternoon at Miller Park in Milwaukee. 

For a place that reminded me a lot of the Astrodome, I really enjoyed it. 

As I have stated elsewhere today, with each new park I go to it makes me realize even more the colossal amount of mediocrity that was put into the design and construction of Comerica Park. On my all-time list, this would rank only behind PNC Park and The Ballpark In Arlington. 

The only thing I didn't like about the park were the goofy dimensions of the outfield wall. I guess when they were drawing it up on paper they let Michael J. Fox have the pen. 

The brats were as great as you would expect them to be and I got cheese fries served in a mini Brewers batting helmet. It's quite possible the helmet would be tastier than the fries. But I'm not going there.

I picked up the standard schwag I've been accumulating this season: a scorecard, program, yearbook, 2008 Topps team sets of both the Brewers and the Cardinals (more on this later in the week), a pocket schedule, and a fan guide to the park. I've had to go out and get a plastic tub to hold all of the stuff I have accumulated this season. It was baseball card giveaway day too, so I've got a little bobo pack of cards with Jason Kendall on the front. Whoo.

The Cards won 5-3 in a game I won't remember five things about this time next week. I've already forgotten who won the sausage race, and I was paying careful attention not to miss it.

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