Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Reader Mailbag

So I should probably answer a few emails from the handful of readers that read this blog. 

First off, I'd like to say thanks to the folks who follow along here. I know I've been slacking this year, but it ain't easy plowing through these crappy 90's baseball cards.

So what have I been doing with myself these days? Mostly vacationing and following the Tigers around the midwest for the last month. But I should get to these emails and maybe that would answer a lot of questions.

RobbyT, you used to give us updates on all the games you went to last year. Why haven't you done so. C. Clark, East Lansing, MI.

Well Chris, I apologize for that, but I've been to so many games this year that I haven't had time to list them all. I will do so here.

4-10 Twins 12, White Sox 5
4-17 Cubs 8, Cards 7
5-7 White Sox 6, Tigers 0
5-29 Cubs 2, Dodgers 1
6-8 White Sox 6, Tigers 1
6-10 Tigers 2, White Sox 1 (Happy Birthday DT!)
6-12 Tigers 3, Pirates 1 (Happy Birthday to me!)
6-13 Pirates 9, Tigers 3
6-14 Pirates 6, Tigers 3
6-16 Cardinals 11, Tigers 2
6-17 Cardinals 4, Tigers 3
6-18 Tigers 6, Cardinals 3
7-3 Tigers 11, Twins 9 (yes, the 16 inning game, and yes, I stayed for all of it...)
7-4 Twins 4, Tigers 3
7-12 Cardinals 4, Cubs 2
As you can see Chris, I've been plenty busy this year watching games. Thanks for asking.

Next question.

RobbyT, you have promised us for years that you would tell us the whole story behind your designing your own baseball cards. J. Roy, South Portland, ME

J., I promise that will be my next blog entry. I promise. The 2006 RobbyT Cards will be the next thing you will read about. Especially with this being the third anniversary. 

Next question.

RobbyT, are you going to get back to to blogging with the frequency you used to? It's fun to hear your take on cards with the printing and baseball back ground that you have. RobbyT, Oak Park, IL

Thank you my friend for the kind words. As we both know there will be a lot of hard work ahead to get through the next 13 years of Tigers baseball cards. But I know we can do it, er, I can do it. 

RobbyT, were you really driving that truck in your picture? B. Reynolds, Cincinnati OH.

What do you think?

Thanks for the mail my friends. 

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