Tuesday, July 14, 2009

1995 Pinnacle

Sheryl Crow singing while the Batplane flys over. Yawn. At least the introduction of all the Cardinals Hall Of Famers was cool. Always neat to see Stan The Man. Cool to see President Obama too, but did he have to wear that god awful jacket? LOL, I never knew he was a lefty. Who woulda thunk it?

This is not a great looking set, but not so horrible that it's worth complaining about, and there are still more Score/Pinnacle set to go, so I'll save it. Again, these remind me of Stadium Club cards, and I never thought they were so hot either. It's a full set, at least by 1995 standards, so there, I said something good.

The 1995 Pinnacle Detroit Tigers:
15 Danny Bautista
42 Junior Felix
69 Chris Gomez
117 Lou Whitaker
124 Travis Fryman
130 Milt Cuyler
148 Jose Lima
184 Cecil Fielder
209 Tony Phillips
338 Eric Davis
349 Kirk Gibson
379 David Wells
392 Alan Trammell

I can't find any info that there were any inserts or parallels with this one, which seems odd, but with something this mediocre, that's a good thing.

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