Sunday, June 15, 2008

Best 80's Albums No One Ever Listened To: Chapter 5

This album is by the best 80's pop band that pretty much nobody has ever heard of. 

This album is by Prefab Sprout.

This album is titled Two Wheels Good in the U.S.

This album is one of my favorite albums of all time. 

This album was produced by Thomas Dolby.

This album is full of songs with fantastic, adult oriented lyrics and beautiful arrangements and lush harmonies. Appetite and When Love Breaks Down are two shining examples of this.

This album didn't do diddly squat in the U.S., a fact by which I am always amazed.

This album is titled Steve McQueen in England.

This album sounds great with or without beer. 

This album sounds great in the car. 

Mitch Albom is a douchebag. 

This album is awesome. If you've never heard it, check it out some time.

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Marlena said...

is prefab spout going to be on my mixtape?