Thursday, April 10, 2008

Slacking Off

I have been incredibly slack this week. I had hoped to have something up from my trip to Wrigley Field last Saturday. I also hoped to have something up about the 2008 Upper Deck Series One release. Or more of the goodies that I found at the card show. At the very least a review of a cool 80's album, something along the way of 'Til Tuesday or The Hooters.

But they week has come and gone, so these will all be topics for next week. 

This weekend I'll be braving the arctic conditions of my first trip to "The Cell" to see the Tigers take on the White Sox. With the Tigers sitting at 1-8 right now, this could be a very long weekend. But it should be an eventful one that will give me plenty to discuss by the time Monday night rolls around.

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Christian said...

Hey man, no excuses. A blogger blogs!