Friday, April 25, 2008

2007 SP Legendary Cuts

Want to see me smile? 

Put color pictures of HOFers and such on cards and I'm smiling like a new bride. 

Unfortunately the scan doesn't do the cards justice. The gold foil really pops off the card. 

I found three of these in a commons bin at my local card shop. I could buy commons like these all day.

I've tried to research to see how many are in the team set using ebay, and I think I came up with five. Since the cards I have are all numbered closely, I'm assuming that the teams have been grouped in this issue. Here is what I came up with.

33 George Kell
34 Hal Newhouser
35 Al Kaline
36 ???
37 Harvey Kuenn

I guess there could be a 32 and/or a 38 too. I don't know. Normally I look here first for team checklists:

But alas, he doesn't have these listed.

Anyway, it's a great looking set featuring a bunch of great old time players.

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