Tuesday, June 23, 2009

1995 Score

It's about 95 degrees in my apartment as I type this around 6 pm. I left Memphis because of heat like this. But I'm sipping a cold beer and settling in the for the first game of the Tigers - Cubs series, so it's not all bad. 

I guess I had pretty much given up on Score by 1995. I only have a handful of these. I remember thinking these were atrocious back then, but they really don't look so bad now. Of course I was on a steady diet of paxil, xanax, and Bud Light in 1995, so that might explain it a little bit, but that's a story for another day. The earth tones of the borders have a nice mellow look. 

The 1995 Score Detroit Tigers:
18 Junior Felix
49 Tony Phillips
78 Mickey Tettleton
94 Kirk Gibson
116 Chris Gomez
148 Mike Henneman
174 Mike Moore
203 Joe Boever
231 John Doherty
259 Milt Cuyler
292 Jose Lima
322 Series 1 Checklist
341 Travis Fryman
373 Lou Whitaker
383 Alan Trammell
398 Cecil Fielder
406 Eric Davis
484 Tim Belcher
496 Danny Bautista
504 Chad Kreuter
526 David Wells
527 Juan Samuel
594 Phil Stidham

It looks there there were a couple of parallel sets (Gold Rush and Platinum) that have just been given more mention than they deserve. 

I only have one insert card, from a set called Hall Of Gold.

HG49 Mickey Tettleton
HG50 Tony Phillips
HG79 Travis Fryman
HG82 Cecil Fielder

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