Saturday, March 21, 2009

1994 Score

I needed something to do this afternoon since I'm not getting to see my alma mater (Memphis) play their second round game against Maryland. Fortunately, judging by the scoreboard I'm not missing much.

I don't really have much here. These are ok. I guess for Score that's high praise. My favorite card is easily the Team Checklist. There is next to nobody in the stadium, yet the upper deck center field bleachers are packed. I'll admit that's the first time I've ever seen that many people out there without a huge cloud of smoke hovering right above......

The 1994 Score Detroit Tigers:
11 Travis Fryman
51 Mickey Tettleton
79 Lou Whitaker
103 Tony Phillips
117 Mike Henneman
143 Mike Moore
171 Scott Livingstone
198 Bill Gullickson
215 Dan Gladden
228 Rich Rowland
232 Skeeter Barnes
268 Gary Thurman
286 Bob MacDonald
309 Chris Gomez
322 Team Checklist
337 Alan Trammell
369 David Wells
393 Cecil Fielder
421 Kirk Gibson
503 Chad Kreuter
504 Eric Davis
531 John Doherty
532 Matt Brunson
559 Danny Bautista

There were some inserts too, including a parallel set that looked just like the regular set, but had gold foil borders. Hmmmm, I wonder where Topps stole that stupid idea from?

Boys Of Summer
51 Danny Bautista

5 Tony Phillips

Gold Stars
40 Cecil Fielder
48 Travis Fryman

There was an update set of sorts that looks nothing like the base set.  These may rank among the worst cards I have ever seen. 

Rookie & Traded
44RT Junior Felix
84RT Danny Bautista
95RT Chris Gomez
158RT Jose Lima

Memphis wins by 19. Yay!

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