Saturday, March 21, 2009

1994 Pinnacle

These look like Stadium Club cards. That's not meant to be complimentary and should not be taken as such. 

The 1994 Pinnacle Detroit Tigers:
10 Cecil Fielder
67 Mickey Tettleton
96 John Doherty
125 Chad Kreuter
154 Mike Henneman
183 Travis Fryman
212 Mike Moore
234 Danny Bautista
281 Lou Whitaker
330 Tony Phillips
359 Milt Cuyler
388 Eric Davis
414 Chris Gomez
429 Alan Trammell
433 Matt Brunson
453 Kirk Gibson
464 David Wells
491 Tim Belcher

I'm not usually a big fan of parallels, but Pinnacle knocked it out of the park with these. Very cool. They should have just made these the base cards and called it a day.

I've got a couple of inserts, but nothing to blog home about.

Power Surge
14 Travis Fryman

The Run Creators
11 Tony Phillips

There was also a Cecil Fielder card that looks just like his base card, but with big block letter printed across the front and back that reads "SAMPLE" 

All righty then....

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