Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Collecting Resolutions for the New Year

1. I resolve to blog more. Which should be challenging since.....

2. I resolve to collect a lot less 2013 product. I'm tired of paying hundreds of dollars to put together a set, only to see it listed on ebay for a fraction of the price that I spent. I'll let the rippers & flippers build my sets for me from now on. (My only exception would be holding out on Heritage and waiting to see if they hit $35 a box again by summer. My guess is yes.) I'll gladly let others pay the exorbitant prices to chase hits that I'm not the least bit interested in. I'll miss my favorite part of card collecting, set building, but that's how it goes now I guess.

3. I resolve to spend more of my collecting time/resources/$$$ on the vintage sets I've been working on: 1974-1978 Topps Baseball and 1978-1986 Topps Football. To poorly paraphrase Gordy LaChance, nothing will ever beat collecting the cards you collected when you were a kid.

4. I resolve to collect more 90's sets. My collection as it stands is pretty much just Topps Flagship. I'm think I'm going to add some combination of Collector's Choice, Donruss, Fleer, Leaf, OPC, Score, Studio, & Ultra to the mix. I couldn't afford ALL this stuff in the 90's. Today it's cheaper than it was then. If John Lennon were still around, I'm sure he'd agree: Happiness is a warm, $8 90's box.

5. I resolve to finally get a complete wantlist compiled, printed, and published on the internet. Really.

6. I resolve to finally finish all my 80's Flagship sets. I'm only about fifty total cards away from finishing at least a dozen sets. It'll be nice to pull that page OUT of my wantlist.

7. I resolve to take up online trading. I'm about to get a couple underway & I'm really looking forward to it.

8. I resolve to collect a lot more Tigers autographed cards. I was never a big auto collector, but I was bitten by the bug in 2012. I'd like to really beef up my collection by adding Kaline, Morris, Trammell, Polanco, Guillen, Magglio, Austin Jackson, Cabrera, Fielder, and Verlander in 2013, this year in which the Detroit Tigers will be World Series Champions.

9. I resolve to go to my third NSCC this year in Rosemont. I've met a lot of great folks on twitter over the last year (you can find me @RobbyT86) and I'm looking forward to putting some faces with some names. I'm also looking forward to picking up a lot of 50's & 60's Tigers cards, 80's oddball stuff, and visiting with old friends from my old stomping grounds in the Northwest Suburbs.

10. I resolve to have a lot of fun collecting in 2013 by sticking to my other nine resolutions!

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