Wednesday, May 4, 2011

2011 Topps: Miguel Cabrera

By my count Topps has released 5 issues so far this year:

1. Series 1
2. Opening Day
3. Heritage
4. Blister Pack Team Sets
5. Gypsy Queen

Pictured above are Miguel Cabrera cards from 3 of those 5. (This year's blister pack team sets also include separate sets of AL and NL All-Star teams, which is where the last card comes from)

I didn't even bother to include the parallels, which makes the case even worse.

So tell me again why it's a good thing that Topps is the exclusive manufacturer of baseball cards? Or why the hobby is going in the shitter due to lack of interest?

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The Drizz said...

i saw those all-star team sets at target but at first i thought they were yankee team sets cuz of the jeter on the front! thanks for the heads-up on the cabrera card.

i'm a strict topps team collector, so the monopoly doesnt bother me too much, and since i dont chase relics and auto's, bonus cards like the all-star that beef up my base sets are cool. i would like topps to use diff photos, though.