Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2010 Topps Opening Day: Max Scherzer

So I was in Target today.......(for the record, I am in Target almost everyday. They sell beer and baseball cards and are not owned by crooked people from Arkansas....)

I picked up a handful of packs and got this bitchin' Max Scherzer parallel/photoshop card. I'm looking forward to watching Scherzer in the OED this summer, especially after he gets to spend the spring with Rick Knapp.

Speaking of spring there is like a 100% chance I'll have a 2010 RobbyT card or two posted to the blog this weekend. Time for me to shut up about Topps and do it my ownself!

The only other three cards I got of note were Brandon Inge, Fredbird, and the Phillie Phanatic. I'd swap both of those mascot cards for a Paws in a heartbeat. Shoot, the mascot cards are about the only thing going for this set. I may try and collect them all.


Swag said...

That wouldn't for trade would it? I collect Scherzer and I was gonna buy one on Ebay.. but its like 6 bucks with shipping... and It's not worth that lol.

robbyt said...

I'm not interested in trading it, but if I come across another one I'll keep you in mind. I'll be going to a big card show here in Chicago in a few weeks and I'll keep my eye out for one.