Saturday, March 22, 2008

Taking matters into my own hands

Sometime during the middle of the 2006 baseball season, as it became obvious the season was shaping up to be a special one, I decided what could be more fun than building my own Tigers' team set. I'd been in desktop publishing for almost 11 years and collecting cards for almost three times that long. I don't know how I hadn't thought of it earlier.

I started collecting the photographs from the Detroit News web site throughout the second half of the season and by November I had produced my own team set of 36 cards. Working for a printing company I was able to get my cards printed and professionally cut for the low, low price of free. Here's a sample of my favorite card from that set.

I was at the game where Granderson made this awesome shoestring catch. Being able to have that on a card kicks ass.

For my 2008 cards, I was able to expand my set to 45 cards. I was also able to find a wide array of pics to use so that I could capture pics showing the Tigers in throwbacks, Negro Leagues, and All-Star uniforms. Here's a sample of a 2008 RobbyT Justin Verlander card.

All it took to design was a source for pics and a bootlegged copy of InDesign. All it took to produce was an outdated Kodak Approval proofing system, a t-square, and a razor blade, and voila, I had my own team set. 

One of the coolest things about making my own cards was knowing that I was finally able to get my hands on a whole set of 1/1's. Another was being able to have a card highlighting Neifi Perez's suspension for using PED's. Plus I didn't have to spend $200 opening packs to get a full set. 

There's certainly room for improvement with the designs, but I can live with the fact that my first two years were better than Fleer's.

Once I figure out how to upload a pdf, I'll get both sets posted.

If anybody else has done any card designs, send them along and I'll get them up.

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Rex Immensae Majestatis Chapman said...

I want RobbyT Tigers cards!

BTW I'm Lindemann - can't figure out how to get it to let me change my name.